Strawberry Laser Lipo Treatments


Individual Treatment £65
Course of 8 (1 area) £450

We recommend that you only have one area at a time as you will get a better result.

Laser Lipo is non-invasive, painless and risk free

The Laser Lipo machine emits low levels of laser energy. When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. When they hit the fat cells they create a chemical signal causing the stored triglycerides to break down. Tiny pores begin to form on the cell membrane, changing its permeability and enabling it to ‘sweat’ . Water, glycerol and free fatty acids are then able to spill out through channels in the cell membranes into the interstitial space below. The fat cells are therefore reduced in size but not destroyed (as in liposuction).

The fat is then slowly transported through the body’s natural metabolic functions, with no adverse physiological effects, and is used by the body as an energy source. Post treatment exercise accelerates the breakdown and removal of fat from the area to ensure complete metabolism and elimination.

This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when it needs to used stored energy reserves, so the Laser Lipo machine is working with the body through normal functions. There is no damage to surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves and the procedure is quick, safe and pain-free.

This mechanism of action is not “liquefaction of fat”; rather, it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells (also referred to as lypolysis).

Strawberry™ Laser Lipo is a revolutionary medical device for spot laser fat reduction and body contouring.

It’s applications include:

✓ Inch Loss
✓ Skin tightening
✓ Cellulite reduction
✓ Skin rejuvenation

The procedure is totally non invasive and 
results are instant.

“I am a great advocate of injection lipolysis using phosphatidylcholine, but the pain, burning, bruising and prolonged swelling give this procedure a definite downtime. Laser lipolysis, however, is a pain free way, although it has the same effect as the chemicals on causing disruption of the cell wall and allows the fatty acids to be released into the lymph and removed from the body by the venous system and then the liver. The downtime is negligible. I am very impressed with the few cases I have seen using this technique and will certainly treat more patients in this way.”

N S B Tanner MA FRCS
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

How many treatments will I need?

To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended over a 4 week period.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatments take between 30-60 minutes depending what area is being treated.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Laser Lipo can be performed on most areas of the body where inch loss is desired. Popular areas include stomachs, thighs, hips, upper back fat, lower back fat, buttocks, arms, calves, knees, chests and chins.

How much inch loss is expected?

Inch loss is typically between 0.5 inches and 3 inches per treatment though this does vary from person to person. Within 24 hours after the treatment the client will need to exercise for 30-60 minutes in order to metabolise (burn off) the fat released. Long term results need to be supported by a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Will the inches stay off after a treatment?

Yes, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Why are some people not getting good results?

Most clients will get fantastic results if the treatment guidelines are adhered to properly. The main reason clients may not experience the best results is because they are not following the programme as advised. This treatments works – and it works very, very well, as anyone who has completed a full course will attest. But it must be done properly. Clients cannot expect to get good results with only one or two sessions spread out over many weeks. To achieve the best results you should be treated intensively (two sessions a week for a month). This is because the fat is released into the bloodstream little and often so it can be burnt off safely and effectively. Exercise, within the 24 hour window, is essential and the sooner its done the more effective it will be. The fat released into the bloodstream must be burnt off, so for clients not prepared to work out, the treatment will not work.
Occasionally other factors may slow down results – for example, hormonal conditions like the menopause, polycystic ovaries or thyroid complaints- so clients may need more treatments to gain the same weight loss. High Intensive Training (HIT) will really help to boost the metabolic rate – ways to do this will be discussed at the consultation and full support given.

What happens during a treatment?

During a typical treatment, a consultation form and medical questionnaire are completed and target areas are measured and weight recorded. The treatment is fully explained and an eating plan and exercise regime is formulated. Pictures may be taken of the treatment area to record progress. Then the client lies down on the couch and the diode laser paddles are placed on the treatment area. Two smaller probe lasers are placed over the relevant lymphatic glands and secured in place. The Laser Lipo machine is switched on for ten minutes at a time. Then the diodes are moved to a new position and the process is repeated until the treatment area is fully covered. During the treatment time the client remains lying down, covered by a blanket. The treatment is pain free and the client can relax and talk with her therapist. When the treatment is over measurements are taken again in order to determine inch loss. Clients are expected to lose anything between 0.5 inches and 3 inches. They are required to complete 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise within 24 hours of the treatment, to be effective.

What exercise should I do following an inch-loss treatment?

Any cardiovascular exercise suitable for your fitness level. This could be using a power plate, running, aerobics, cycling, swimming, power walking or any fitness class etc. It is important to discuss this with your therapist so you can put together a suitable fitness plan. Exercise should raise your heart rate considerably and get you to the point of perspiration in order to significantly raise your metabolic rate.

Does it hurt?

No, the treatment is pain free. There is no bruising or swelling and no down time. Laser Lipo utilises Class 3B low level laser technology. It is sometimes called a cold laser because most people feel very little when it is used on them. It is a comfortable relaxing treatment where the typical sensation felt is just a slight warmth where the pads are in contact with your skin. Unlike liposuction or smart lipo, there is no need for either local or general anaesthetic.

Will I have lots of loose skin following treatment?

No. The Laser Lipo inch loss treatment is unique in that it works to increase collagen in the skin, so the skin actually tightens in the treatment area. Unlike a surgical procedure there is also no radical overnight change: inch loss is achieved incrementally over a period of time so that the skin is given chance to naturally tighten.