Semi Permanent Make Up Digital Method

Semi Permanent Make up digital Method
by Phi Artist Maria Mann

Semi Permanent Make up is created using a machine, trained by the world renown Phi Brows. Maria has trained in Phi Contour and Phi Ombré. Phi ombré Brows is eyebrows shading technique performed with a permanent make-up device using the pigments to achieve very soft, powder-like effect.

PhiSombre Brows is not a technique suitable to design the brows only, but also to create the volumetric appearance. Phi Contour is a skill of semi-permanent drawing of Eyebrows, Eyelids or Lips to create 3D effects that are long lasting.

Semi Permanent Make up will need a colour fresh between 12-18 months with the correct aftercare.

Phi Ombré Brows £280
Colour fresh – £150
Phi Powder Brows £275
Colour Fresh – £150
Combination Brows –
Powder and Microblading £300
Colour Fresh – £175
Eyelash Enhancement £225
Baby Liner £250
Latino Liner £290
Bottom Liner £200 alone or £100 extra if had with any of the above
Colour fresh £150 for all
Lip Liner £275
Lip Contour £300
Both together £375
Colour fresh from £175

Colour fresh applies up to 18 months