Glycolic Chemical Skin Peels

39018241 - facial peeling mask applying

39018241 – facial peeling mask applying

Chemical Peels

We now can offer 40% glycolic skin peel. Developed to provide adequate exfoliation without causing damage to the stratum corneum, no actual peeling can be observed by the naked eye. This is a buffered peel with a pH of 3.1
Also, the AHA70 a 70% glycolic skin peel is available to medical practitioners, a significantly stronger concentration that will require several AHA 40 treatments prior to its commencement.
As well as the 2 skin peels, the entire range is perfectly balanced with actives, botanicals and essential oils, offering optimal results and promoting skin health.
Professional products all require training for use.

Glycolic Acid is excellent in the management of:

💗Acne and post-inflammatory
💗Pigmentation – sun & age spots, hormonal influencers
💗Anti-ageing – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
💗Regulating oily skin by reducing the amount of sebum secreted
💗Improving dry skin through exfoliation and improving skin texture

All skin Peels include LED Therapy and a Facial massage.
45 minutes £65

We can include a Peel in any facial or treatment for an extra £40